Life is Feudal: Beginner’s Guide for sandbox RPG

Life is Feudal is then fired within hours No. 1 on the Steam sales charts, and that’s where the game was still in an early alpha phase. We have taken the time to even look inside the feudal sandbox RPG and create a suitable Beginner’s Guide with tips and tricks to start.

Life is Feudal: Beginner's Guide for sandbox RPG

It may even take a little longer to acquire the basics of Life is Feudal itself. We have a small lead and want to thank all the helpful players that have facilitated us on the servers the beginnings in a hostile environment. With our tips below you will definitely make ends meet and know in the first place even know what it is to make everything.

Life is Feudal Tips and Tricks: The GIGA Beginners Guide

Our Tips for Life is Feudal are all based on experiences from the alpha phase. Unless later in the process of the game nor are any changes, we will take them into account and update course.

Basically, you should dominate the general control:

  • With Tab you on the clear view in and out
  • With Q you open the interaction menu
  • With R you go into combat mode (it must then still a weapon be selected by default the bucket on 3 key down)
  • By right-clicking in the interaction menu you can choose to have an action as a default, and then key E run directly

Life is Feudal Tip 1: The right location

life is feudal beginners Guide_1

The most important thing in Life is Feudal (if then do ye not connect immediately to an existing settlement) is the right choice of building site. The aim is to consider various factors, so you do not have to take too long distances to various resources on you later. In the immediate vicinity of the following conditions should be met:

  • Clay deposits reached ( “Clay”, light brown cracks on the map)
  • Water (the lake or ocean)
  • Stone deposits (rocky terrain or a mountain)
  • Trees (softwood or hardwood, best both)
  • apple trees

Can you achieve all of these occurrences without much effort, you look for the flattest possible surface. To build on the slope of a mountain may look cool, but requires an incredible amount of time, the area to pave. As long as you can still ensure no food supply, you have to make do with apples. Can you find any apple trees on your desired location, collects the offspring ( “Sprouts”)elsewhere and plant them at your new home.